Rigging Equipment Hire

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Global Truss F34200

The Global Truss F34200 F34 Standard Truss features a lightweight yet durable aluminium construction with a tube diameter of 50mm and a wall thickness of 2mm. The Global Truss F34200 Truss is capable of supporting a range of lighting and effects units, as well as live loudspeakers. When combined with other Global Truss F34 sections, the F34200 Standard Truss allows you to create the perfect structure to suit any performance environment. The included conical connectors, pins and R clips allow you to quickly and easily combine Global Truss F34 truss sections together.

Global Truss Multi Baseplate

The extremely robust steel base plate can be equipped with half-cone for truss systems F22 - F44 (4 pieces each). Through the corresponding holes on the baseplate, the user can flexibly use the system used by him. Thus, maximum flexibility is given. The 36 kg weight of the baseplate also ensures maximum stability on the vertical mounting a traverse.

Global Truss F34 Baseplate

The F34 Truss system offers an optimum of load capacity and is characterized by a low transport volume with its lightweight construction. Through the application of a casting plate with integrated connector, the compatibility with other systems is ensured.With corresponding delivery time, the truss is also available powder-coated. It is adapted for event technology, trade fair construction and shopfitting. Please have a look at our list of the compatibility with other systems.

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