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Rigging Equipment Hire

For information on costs and how to hire any of our equipment please email us at or use the button below.


Global Truss F34200

The Global Truss F34200 F34 Standard Truss features a lightweight yet durable aluminium construction with a tube diameter of 50mm and a wall thickness of 2mm. The Global Truss F34200 Truss is capable of supporting a range of lighting and effects units, as well as live loudspeakers. When combined with other Global Truss F34 sections, the F34200 Standard Truss allows you to create the perfect structure to suit any performance environment. The included conical connectors, pins and R clips allow you to quickly and easily combine Global Truss F34 truss sections together.


Global Truss Multi Baseplate

The extremely robust steel base plate can be equipped with half-cone for truss systems.  The 36 kg weight of the baseplate also ensures maximum stability on the vertical mounting a traverse.

Base Plate.png

Doughty H - Frame

The H Frames are part of the Doughty award-winning Modular Rigging System designed to provide a safe, quick and flexible stage lighting rigging solution for suspending luminaires. The H frame can be suspended from truss/fixed tubes or floor-mounted.

Global Truss F34 Top Baseplate

This base plate allows for fixtures, speakers or set items to be on top of a truss podium.


Chain Block Hoists

We stock chain block hoists from 250kg up to 1 tonne varying in lengths from 5 metres through to 20 metres.



Manfrotto Stands

perfect for use as a t-bar or using our optional truss adapters can be used to lift truss up to a maximum height of 4m. With an 85kg weight rating per stand and a strong and sturdy build these manfrotto stands are extremely reliable and easy to use.


Slings and Shackles

In addition to the equipment listed above we also stock strops and shackles for the rigging of motors and lifting of truss. If you would like to know more about these and other rigging accessories please contact us.

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